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Post-Doctoral Career Opportunities

This page is designed to inform Psychological Sciences graduate students how to search for both academic and non-academic positions after they receive their doctoral degrees. Below are links to useful sites and organizations that may help students find these positions.

Post-doctoral Positions

The best way to find out about post-doctoral positions is to sign up for a post-doc listserv (or e-mail list). If you are an APA member, you can sign up for APAGS's listserve online.

However, it is recommended that you sign up for a listserv that is generated from a society or organization in your area of interest. In addition, available below are links to three post-doc search sites:

This presentation discusses steps for applying to a post-doctoral program. This was presented in the context of health psychology, but the information can be generalized to other fields.  The slides were part of a presentation by a Psychological Sciences doctoral candidate who was offered post-doctoral positions at several prestigious universities.

Reseach Institutes and Companies

Information on the Non-academic Path 

Valuable APA sites

Discussions About the Non-academic Career Path:

Career Resources Links

Resumes and Cover Letters (not CVs)

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