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Undergraduate Program

Psychology students listening to lectureWelcome to psychology at UC Merced! Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. Here at UC Merced, the psychology major offers a curriculum that allows you to learn broadly about different research methods, children and adults, feelings and cognitions and many psychological specialties.

A minor in psychology is available for those whose primary interests are in other majors. Requirements for both the major and minor are available in the UC Merced catalog. You can also look up classes being taught in psychology or talk to your Student Advisor.

We also offer undergraduates the opportunity to work with UC faculty members in research. Sometimes this is laboratory research, and sometimes it is research conducted in field settings such as schools. Because our faculty members specialize in developmental psychology, health psychology and quantitative psychology, research opportunities are particularly prevalent in those three areas. If you are interested in working in one of the Psychological Sciences labs, check the listing of undergraduate research opportunities for more information.

Many undergraduates ask what they can do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The answer is a lot! Many undergraduates pursue graduate training in psychology or a related discipline. You can explore some options for graduate training by visiting the graduate program or exploring any other part of the psychology studies in the UC system.

Psychology students interact with Prof Walle

If you are interested in research, think about applying to APA's Summer Science Fellowship. It is a great opportunity to learn about research and prepare for graduate study in psychological science.

Other psychology students begin their careers after graduation. You would be surprised by how many job opportunities await you with a bachelor's degree in psychology. To find out more, see our Careers page.

Students at UC Merced can get involved in Psi Chi, the international honors society in psychology. Being a member of Psi Chi is a great way to meet other psychology students, become involved in leadership and advance your professional goals (e.g., by learning about job prospects with a bachelor's in psychology or tips on how to get into graduate school). Visit the Psi Chi website to learn more about the membership qualifications for the UC Merced Psi Chi Chapter.

Additionally, UC Merced has a Psychology Club. If you enjoy meeting new people and want talk with those whose interests are similar to yours, check out the club's Facebook page and think about joining.

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