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Certificate in Quantitative Methods


Quantitative methods represent an important part of scientific training. As research questions become more complex and dynamic, substantial training in methodology is required for answering these questions. In order to promote proficiency of quantitative skills, the Psychological Sciences Department is offering a Certificate in Quantitative Methods. While all psychology graduate programs require students to take some quantitative methods courses, our program would like to promote advanced training for students interested in delving more into quantitative methodology.

The demand for psychologists with advanced training in methodology is high, especially as complex research methods evolve. The certificate program is designed to ensure high-level training that is tailored to the individual goals of the student.


Must be a student enrolled in the Psychological Sciences Ph.D. program.


Students must take the following three core courses:

  • PSY 202a:  Advanced Psychological Statistics I

  • PSY 202b: Advanced Psychological Statistics II

  • PSY 204:   Research Design and Methodology

In addition, students must take an additional three courses in the quantitative track. Courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • PSY 202c: Multivariate Statistics

  • PSY 203:  Multilevel Modeling

  • PSY 205:  Measurement Theory and Psychometrics

  • PSY 206:  Quantitative Methods for Reviewing Research (Research Synthesis/Meta-Analysis)

  • PSY 207:  Structural Equation Modeling

  • PSY 209:  Longitudinal Data Analysis and Bayesian Extensions

  • PSY 210:  Item Response Theory

  • PSY 215:  Essential Math for Quantitative Psychologists

  • PSY 213:  Mathematical Toolbox for Quantitative Psychology

  • PSY 290:  Statistical Computing

  • PSY 290:  Bayesian Statistics

  • PSY 290:  Special Topics in Quantitative Methods

In order to earn the Certificate in Quantitative Methods, the student must receive a letter grade of B or higher in all of the relevant courses. Upon completion of the certificate program, submit a summary of the courses taken and grades received to the Quantitative Area Head to verify eligibility of obtaining the certificate.


For more information about this program, please email the current Quantitative Area Head Ren Liu