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What can you do with your Psychology degree?

The psychology major prepares students for a broad range of careers, both within and outside the field of psychology. Graduates with psychology degrees are highly marketable because they are trained to have good research and writing skills, to be effective problem-solvers in both team and individual settings, and to use critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information. The American Psychological Assocation (APA) reports that of those who earn bachelor's degrees in psychology, only about 5% take jobs in psychology. Most psychology graduates get jobs in a variety of private sector business settings. Some examples of employment include soical work, addiction counseling, administrative support, public affairs, education, business, sales, service industries, health, the biological sciences, computer programming, employment counselors, correction counselor trainees, interviewers, personnel analysts, probation officers and writers.

Below are some helpful career resources:

Updated 2024