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Dr. Sarah Depaoli published a new book entitled Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling

December 28, 2021

This book offers researchers a systematic and accessible introduction to using a Bayesian framework in structural equation modeling (SEM). Stand-alone chapters on each SEM model clearly explain the Bayesian form of the model and walk the reader through implementation. Engaging worked-through examples from diverse social science subfields illustrate the various modeling techniques, highlighting statistical or estimation problems that are likely to arise and describing potential solutions. For each model, instructions are provided for writing up findings for publication, including annotated sample data analysis plans and results sections. Other user-friendly features in every chapter include “Major Take-Home Points,” notation glossaries, annotated suggestions for further reading, and sample code in both Mplus and R. The companion website ( supplies datasets; annotated code for implementation in both Mplus and R, so that users can work within their preferred platform; and output for all of the book’s examples.