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Larisa Gavrilova

Professional Title: 
Health Psychology
Research Interests: 

Larisa is a third-year doctoral student in Health Psychology; her research focuses on mind-body connections. Her first line of research investigates how stress affects health. Specifically, she studies how different types of cognition (e.g., worry, brooding) may create and/or extend stress response. Larisa is interested in investigating both direct and indirect mechanisms to explain how stress may impact one’s health. In looking at direct mechanisms, she investigates the effects of stress on biomarkers of cardiovascular disease. For indirect mechanisms, she is interested in uncovering the impact of stress on health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, sleep). A second interest of hers involves mindfulness interventions and their effect on stress and well-being. She wants to uncover what may be driving the beneficial effects of mindfulness. Furthermore, her goal is to better understand ways to bring mindfulness to disadvantaged populations.